Taco Party

Are you interested in ordering San Loco for a large group? If you would like to serve Gringo-Mex tacos at an event please leave a message for Jill at 212.253.7580 or contact us by eMail.

We can provide you with the all the ingredients to make your own tacos! We will provide your choice of any meat or veggies, plus cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, hot sauce and crunchy taco shells. In addition you can add guacamole, roasted tomato salsa or pico de gallo all served with homemade corn chips, or add rice & beans or a green salad to round out your meal. Minimum order is 50 tacos. An additional charge will be added if your location is outside of our delivery range.

Think of us for your next holiday party, kids party or any event that requires classic American tacos!

Viva San Loco!